“A serious lack of funding in Budget 2019 to buy back newly-prohibited firearms, magazines and parts risks creating a black market in illegal weapons”, warns ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Council of Licensed Firearms Owners suggests more than a billion dollars will be needed to cover the gun buyback scheme, but the Government has earmarked just $150 million.

“Gun owners must have confidence that the Government will offer them fair market value for their weapons. If this doesn’t occur, there is a risk that compliance with the buyback scheme will be low and firearms will go underground.

“If a significant number of weapons are not handed in, we risk creating a black market of illegal weapons without any regulatory oversight. That may be a more dangerous world than we had on March 15.

“Parliament treated firearm owners with complete contempt during April’s legislative process. The gun community could have been welcomed as part of the solution, but legislating in nine days with scant regard for the usual process of public input and parliamentary scrutiny sent a message of disdain.

“We need to have the gun community onside. The Government has an opportunity right now to treat gun owners fairly, and create a safer country, by presenting them with a reasonable offer of compensation.”