“Labour says it wants to double the number of houses with solar panels, but like all of their policies it relies on the taxpayer to stump up for yet another subsidy,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Labour claim that installing solar panels will save a householder $850 per year, but can’t explain why such a good investment requires a subsidy. The truth is that they are not investing in the environment, households already have every reason to do that, Labour is vote-buying.

“Labour thinks it can spend your money better than you can. But the answer to everything isn’t spending more of other peoples’ money, the best thing the government could do to increase uptake in technologies like solar is to restore growth to New Zealand’s economy so people can afford to invest.

“ACT is committed to cutting waste from government and returning that money to New Zealanders through lower taxes and targeted, sensible spending on core public services.

“If it makes financial sense for Kiwis to install solar panels then they’ll do it. What’s likely is that most Kiwis are more concerned with paying their mortgage and putting food on the table at the moment. This is the impact Labour’s wasteful spending has had on the economy.

“Hipkins himself showed why there is no need for a taxpayer subsidy by stating "Experience from projects funded through our Community Renewable Energy Fund shows household solar panels can reduce energy bills by up to 50 percent. That's a saving of up to $850 a year." If there are such great benefits then why do taxpayers need to pay for a subsidy?

“At the core of New Zealand’s many problems is a lack of productivity. More subsidies and handouts won’t fix that ACT is committed to fixing New Zealand’s economy and creating a more productive and prosperous future isn’t just the biggest issue facing Kiwis today, it is the biggest issue for generations to come.”

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