“The ongoing waka-jumping circus won’t make one street safer or one week’s bills more affordable, but it does show why real change is needed this election,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Labour, Green, and Māori parties are now consumed by identity politics, and it’s a bed they made with years of putting identity before common humanity and practical problem-solving. Who really believes any Government Chris Hipkins leads, propped up by God knows who, can address the serious challenges New Zealand faces?

“Government spending is up 60 per cent in five years, and yet the streets are more dangerous, fewer kids attend school and learn less, and hospital waiting lists are out the door and around the corner with people suffering. The Labour-Green-Māori waka-jumping circus might just give a clue as to why that is. How can they manage 60,000 public servants to deliver results when they can't manage 60-odd MPs?

“ACT is relentlessly focused on changing the Government and making that change real. We show New Zealanders how we’d unite the country behind better ideas on every issue from school attendance and public safety, to making sense of the Treaty in a democratic society.

“This election there is a clear choice. There is a new Government of real change powered by ACT’s ideas and commitment to improving New Zealand, or another episode of the waka-jumping circus. If this is Labour with an absolute majority, just imagine a three or four-way coalition.”

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