"Labour and National are offering voters no choice on housing, singing from the same song sheet, but ACT will reverse the attacks on landlords and make it attractive to rent out houses again,” says ACT’s Housing spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“ACT would re-instate the 90-day no-cause termination as landlords and neighbours shouldn’t need to put up with harassment and it means landlords are more likely to take a chance on a tenant, and ACT would return the right to charge a letting fee to ensure the various costs of putting a house on the rental market aren’t added on to rents.

“Disappointedly Christopher Luxon refuses to commit to reinstating this common-sense law when asked by media.

“Labour has waged war on landlords and as a result it has become more expensive and less attractive to rent out homes, the real losers in this situation are tenants.

“Labour was elected to fix housing because National failed. Now Labour has failed as well. ACT is the only party prepared to address the crux of the problem.

“The real issue with housing is not enough houses are being built, and not enough are being built because there’s an infrastructure shortage.

“ACT has proposed local councils receive a payment equivalent to 50 per cent of the GST for every new dwelling constructed in its territory. This provides an incentive for councils to enable building and a means of covering infrastructure costs.

“ACT believes in better, longer-lasting solutions. As a country we deserve better when it comes to housing to ensure we can live our best and most fulfilling lives.”