“Kiwis received some news today that Hits Different, it will be near impossible for some people to just Shake it Off,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Taylor Swift is playing the Anti-Hero today, revealing that the Love Story with New Zealand is over and her Eras Tour will not be coming to our shores.

“ACT wonders what could be the cause of this Bad Blood?  

  • Maybe she heard the Government has sent the economy into Red and the cost of living hasn’t been this bad since she was born in 1989.
  • Possibly she saw the reports of out of control crime and just thought I Knew You Were Trouble.
  • Is this just Karma for taxing Kiwis too hard and the wage gap between NZ and Aus growing by $5,981 since The Last Time she was here in 2018?
  • Or perhaps she heard New Zealand was wet and whiny and doesn’t want to wear a Cardigan when it Snows on the Beach.

“Everything has Changed here in New Zealand since her last visit. Kiwis are saying to Labour "You’re Losing Me", meanwhile they’re saying to Taylor Swift "Come back ... Be Here".

“The New Zealand Government is just saying "Don’t Blame Me", but Taylor Swift seems to know All Too Well that New Zealand isn’t the Enchanted place it once was. Even she wants Real Change.

 “Kiwis need to Speak Now in October by party voting ACT to bring New Zealand Out of the Woods. Otherwise she might say “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together".

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