“Broadcasting Minister Willie Jackson should come out and deny that he is meeting with journalists this week to discuss how they should report on the Treaty”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“We are hearing reports of a meeting held by Stuff with Willie Jackson to agree to a framework or principles for reporting on Treaty of Waitangi issues.

“It is too fantastic to be true. Jackson should deny the meeting is taking place or explain what it is about and how such a meeting is appropriate within the regulated period of an election campaign.

“Voters deserve to know.

“This Government has form when it comes to encouraging media to report its version of the Treaty.

“The $55 million Public Interest Journalism Fund, for example, was only open to media who were willing to report Labour’s view of the Treaty.

“There is a quiet constitutional revolution going on in New Zealand. Rather than accepting Article Three of the Treaty says all New Zealanders are equal under the law, the courts, academics, bureaucrats, and some politicians are pushing the revisionist view that the Treaty promised a partnership and requires co-governance.

“It’s the job of the media to hold politicians accountable, especially in election year. It would be completely unacceptable for a Broadcasting Minister to even discuss how an important issue like co-governance should be reported. Jackson should deny he’s doing that.”

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