“Jacinda Ardern hasn’t made a decision on whether Aucklanders will need a time slot to leave to city because she’s lost control of the Robertson/Hipkins spat,” says ACT Leader David Seymour. 

“On Newshub Nation this morning she refused to rule out time slots for Aucklanders to leave the city for Christmas.  

“COVID Response Minister Chris Hipkins says you’ll need to book a time to leave, Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson says you won’t. Jacinda Ardern needs to pick a side. 

“When asked if people will have to book a time slot to leave the city she said “no decisions have been made.” 

“Time slots are bonkers and have been roundly criticised. It’s not often ACT agrees with Grant Robertson, but Jacinda should take his side.

 “It’s November. Kiwis want to book their well-deserved holiday before it becomes unaffordable but once again the Government hasn’t planned ahead and is making it up as it goes along. 

“After 80-days of lockdown, Aucklanders need to see some light at the end of the tunnel. That light isn’t waiting in a queue for hours on end to show their papers. 

“On MIQ she showed she isn’t prepared. This Christmas families will be separated. She claimed she’s been “laying the foundation since August.” 

“COVID has been around for 18-months. Why did she only start laying the foundation in August? 

“As Christmas approached all Kiwis are getting is uncertainty. Nobody can make plans, Kiwis can’t come home to their own country, and the Vaccine Certificates aren’t ready.

“ACT believes December 1 should be Freedom Day. By that date, everyone has had the opportunity to be vaccinated and we should open up and get on with life. That would give all Kiwis the certainty we need this summer.”