“Jacinda Ardern doesn’t know how long holiday makers will be held up at checkpoints over summer, now that she’s made them legal, she’s washing her hands of them,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“I asked Jacinda in Question Time how long she thinks is reasonable for people to queue on motorways in the summer heat. She replied that’s the problem of the Police and not her Government who’s put them in place.

“There will be 74 officers at any one time working on these checkpoints. That’s 74 officers who won’t be out in the community.

“Why should New Zealanders support a law that takes Police away from fighting crime so they can hand out fines to holidaymakers?

“What happens if you come across a checkpoint that has no Police officers there, but only iwi? Do you call the police, and when they arrive is the checkpoint suddenly legal?

“New Zealanders want a Police force that upholds the law, not joins in on lawlessness

“These checkpoints are a waste of Police time and resources and Police should never have been bullied into setting them up by iwi and Labour.”

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