“A slush fund of taxpayers’ money announced less than two weeks before the election has created just five percent of the jobs promised and New Zealanders are owed an explanation,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Information revealed by the ACT Party shows that 158 full time jobs have been created by the Provincial Growth Fund’s $96.5 million to renovate marae. None of these jobs are permanent.

“At the time I called this for what it is, a slush fund of taxpayers’ money to buy votes. The timing so close to the election was cynical – but somewhat expected from Shane Jones. But Jacinda Ardern and her cabinet allowed it to happen and she needs to explain why it’s been such a huge failure.

The press release from Government promised it would create 3100 job. So far, with around half the fund spent it’s created just five percent of the promised jobs.

“The Government needs to be up front about how many jobs will actually be created from this fund. A hundred million dollars is a lot of money and taxpayers are clearly not getting value from this.

“At a time when we’re drowning in debt, we can’t afford for wasteful spending like this which will take generations to pay off.

“The Provincial Growth Fund has been a failure. It hasn’t created the jobs that were promised. The money has to come from somewhere, and New Zealanders are smart enough to work out it’s from their taxes.”

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