“The ACT Party put a series of basic questions to the Prime Minister in Parliament today, but all Jacinda could do was bob around like a cork in a chaotic ocean,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Our geopolitical environment is changing dramatically. Jacinda agrees with that, but doesn’t know what to do. Australia will soon 2 per cent of GDP on Defence but Jacinda couldn’t and wouldn’t commit to a pathway to do the same.

“Two per cent on defence would cost approximal $1.5 billion a year more to meet – her government is collecting $17 billion more a year in taxes but she’d rather give it out in welfare than protect all New Zealanders.

“Even if she increased Defence spending – she’d still have billions left over from her record tax take. Instead of giving middle New Zealand some relief as they’re squeezed from every direction – she ruled out tax cuts. If it’s not the right time to give tax relief after collecting an extra $17 billion dollars, when will it be?

“And that’s before Jacinda was asked about keeping New Zealanders in Red in the traffic light framework. She’s happy to make a decision that impacts so heavily on businesses, but she couldn’t answer the simple questions: how many fewer cases will there be, and how does she justify the acute cost to hospitality operators?

“When you’re the one making decision about protecting a country, taking workers' money and restricting businesses you should be able to answer the hard questions about your decision making. Jacinda showed us today she’s just making it up as she goes along and she doesn’t have any of the answers.”

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