ACT is launching an information campaign to support the Treaty Principles Bill, starting with an info hub at

On Monday at Waitangi, the ACT caucus stood up to defend a basic value: that every child growing up in New Zealand deserves the same respect and dignity, including equality before the law.

This belief is a core principle – or kaupapa – for ACT. It’s a belief shared by most New Zealanders, including Māori. And it’s a principle that has the backing of our nation’s founding document, with Article Three of Te Tiriti promising the same rights and duties for all New Zealanders.

Our belief in unity and equal rights underpins the Treaty Principles Bill. This law will unwind the divisive modern ‘partnership’ interpretation of the Treaty and restore its meaning to what was actually written and signed in 1840.

Today ACT is launching a campaign to give Kiwis the facts on the Treaty Principles Bill.

Time and time again, the opposition have claimed we are trying to re-write, or even abolish, the Treaty. This is false.

Kiwis deserve high-quality information on exactly why ACT is promoting this bill and what it will do. That's why we’ve set up an info hub at for New Zealanders to get the facts.

In short, the Bill defines the Treaty principles – which have so far been interpreted without input from New Zealanders – to align with the three Articles of Te Tiriti.

Te Tiriti is a taonga that promised equal rights for all. By restoring the mana of original text, the courts and bureaucracy will no longer be able to twist our founding document to justify divisive co-governance, special government positions, and separate public services.

Of course, this is only the beginning of the conversation. Every New Zealander will have the chance to make their voice heard by a Select Committee of Parliamentarians, and if the bill passes through Parliament, there will be a referendum campaign before a nationwide vote.

The Treaty Principles Bill is ACT policy and ACT’s coalition agreement with National and New Zealand First commits to introducing and passing a Treaty Principles Bill through a first reading in 2024. However, Cabinet  made up of all three parties  will need to agree to the final shape of the Bill before it is introduced to the House.

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