“A review of the law relating to home detention is necessary in light of last week’s shooting in Auckland”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“A number of reviews have been launched, but it appears none will consider home detention.

“The Prime Minister has asked the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet whether any additional reviews are needed. He should be asking whether the law makes it too easy for criminals, some of whom have committed violent offences, to get a sentence of home detention.

“Offenders on home detention put New Zealanders’ safety at risk by committing about 1,500 offences every year, including 143 Acts Intended To Cause Injury in 2021/22.

“Matu Reid was a violent offender and the law allowed his three year sentence to be reduced down to home detention. The Government should be asking whether the law provides the right level of accountability.

“ACT has previously called for a review of the use of electronic monitoring for offenders which has increased dramatically under Labour to almost 6,000 people last year. Since October 2017, there has been an:

83 per cent increase in sexual offenders on electronic monitoring
133 per cent increase in gang members sentenced for violence offences on electronic monitoring.

“The Government also needs to review who is eligible for home detention. It’s only a matter of time before someone else is killed by an offender on home detention.

“There are some instances where home detention is appropriate. But there is a legitimate question about why violent and sexual offenders are being allowed to serve their sentence at home.

“Ministers aren’t responsible for sentencing, but Labour has set the tone by being soft on crime and focusing on lowering the prison population. When you send a message to the judiciary that you want fewer people behind bars, they listen.

“ACT will always demand accountability for the victims of crime. The Government needs to start listening to New Zealanders and stop treating offenders like victims.”

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