“In criticising income tax cuts today, Chris Hipkins has taken down his own GST policy with a huge own goal”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Hipkins said today of income tax cuts:

‘If I’m going to target support, I’d rather give it to mums and dads than to millionaires’.

“But his own policy launched today will do just that.

“Removing GST from fruit and vegetables will help wealthier households three times more than it will lower income households.

“Hipkins’ own goal shows this policy for what it is: an act of desperation from a visionless, poll-driven party. Labour is out of ideas, out of Ministers, and out of money.

“Labour knows the policy doesn’t work because Grant Robertson said so just a few months ago.

“Labour, the Greens, and the Māori Party would destroy the tax system, the economy, and drive away anyone with ambition.

“Labour going all in on GST meddling sets up an election between parties with serious ideas to improve economic policy, and parties with vote buying gimmicks who are also the ones that got us into this mess”.

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