“Chris Hipkins and Labour have no record or achievements to run on, so they’re launching a campaign of fear – but New Zealanders deserve better”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Government spending has increased by 70 percent over six years for no measurable improvements in outcomes. 70 percent of New Zealanders say the health system is worse than in 2020, 64 percent say the justice system is worse than in 2020, and 57 percent say the education system is worse.

“Even Labour voters are telling the Government that public services are worse despite a $56 billion increase in spending over six years.

“Labour has been a disaster for this country – out of control inflation, a culture of lawlessness, and division based on race.

“In response to questions about Labour’s low polling recently, Hipkins said ‘we’re going to fight back’ and we’ve now seen what he means – fear mongering, attacking and mischaracterising ACT.

“New Zealanders have the right to an honest, healthy debate this election. Hipkins should publicly commit to doing that.

“He won’t because he has no other option.

“Labour is resorting to a desperate campaign of fear because his Government has no record to run on and New Zealanders know it.

“Unfortunately for Hipkins, his campaign of fear won’t work. People know that New Zealand faces real problems. They are not looking for someone to fight, argue and try to keep things the same. They are looking for real change.

“ACT’s approach is the opposite of Labour’s. ACT campaigns on real solutions to the challenges of inflation, lawlessness, and division that are sending people to Australia.”

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