“Chris Hipkins’ interview with Newshub Nation this morning should be his exit interview. As the leader of a Party that his been in power for six years he can’t point to improvements Labour has made to Kiwis’ lives and has resorted to a campaign of fear to cling on to power,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“When directly asked what his Government has actually delivered, Hipkins claimed lifting people out of poverty was their biggest achievement. The problem is they’ve failed at that as well, just not as blatantly as other areas.

"The most recent child poverty figures show there are still 119,000 children living in material hardship. That's kids going without the basics. That's after Labour increased welfare spending by $8.1 billion a year (excluding superannuation). More welfare simply has simply meant more kids living in a benefit-dependent household.

“This year’s Salvation Army State of the Nation report shows there are 208,900 kids living in benefit-dependent households, 30,000 more than when Labour took office. One in five Kiwi kids are growing up in a household reliant on welfare. Young people currently receiving a benefit are estimated to spend 19.1 more years on the benefit.

“According to Hipkins, the rest of Labour’s ‘achievements’ are ‘investing in’ various areas. Only Labour sees spending taxpayer money as an achievement in itself, Kiwis want and deserve to see results for their taxes.

“Government spending has increased by 70 percent over six years for no measurable improvements in outcomes. 70 percent of New Zealanders say the health system is worse than in 2020, 64 percent say the justice system is worse than in 2020, and 57 percent say the education system is worse.

“Labour has no record to run on which is why they’ve resorted to a fear campaign. This week they’ve been caught out multiple times spreading blatant disinformation about ACT’s policies.

“Hipkins told Newshub Nation that New Zealanders will vote on hopes and aspiration and being able to get ahead. He’s right, and that’s exactly why they won’t vote for Labour. ACT is the only party giving voters this choice.

“His campaign of fear won’t work. People know that New Zealand faces real problems. They are not looking for someone to fight, argue and try to keep things the same. They are looking for real change.

“ACT’s approach is the opposite of Labour’s. ACT campaigns on real solutions to the challenges of inflation, lawlessness, and division that are sending people to Australia.

“ACT will raise productivity and wages, make the government’s books sustainable, and create a culture where work, savings, investment, and innovation are rewarded. We will take on the politically difficult issues that others avoid, to secure our country’s status as a first world country. We will deal with the size of government and its debt, and the structure of our tax system."

“On 14 October, New Zealanders need to evict this desperate and incompetent Government so we can have real change.”

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