“Hardworking taxpayers have spent the first four months and 10 days of 2021 working to hand over every cent they’ve earned to Grant Robertson,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Today is ‘Tax Freedom Day’ according to accounting firm Baker Tilly Staples Rodway, who calculates the date based on the country’s tax bill for the year being paid before you start pocketing your salary or wages.

“In 2016, Tax Freedom Day fell on May 1st. Five years later, it’s been pushed out by 10 days. New Zealanders are spending more than a third of their year working just to pay Grant Robertson.

“This Government has piled on taxes and costs to middle New Zealanders. We have lumped future generations with a mountain of debt to pay back. You can expect to see Tax Freedom Day getting later and later.

“ACT will release its Alternative Budget tomorrow. Everything this Labour Government does is either about taxing and redistributing, or dividing us against each other. There is a better way which ACT will reveal tomorrow.”

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