A Ministry of Health graph drawn by a graphic designer with no data to inform it is the perfect metaphor for this Government, all spin and no substance,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Like most things with this government, they present a nice picture but as soon as dig deeper you realise that’s all it is.

“I asked Jacinda Ardern about this graph in Parliament last week. Instead of being honest with New Zealanders that the information was made up, she instead held up her own alternative chart.

“She would have been told before Question Time that the graph was nothing more than a pretty picture but she chose not to disclose that.

“One of the core principles of ACT’s August and March COVID-19 policies was transparency: too often the Government either has a plan that it is not revealing, or has no plan. If the Government has a plan, then people have a right to know how it will affect them.

“If the Government does not have a plan, as is clear with this graph, then people in a democratic society deserve to know that too.

“The Prime Minister had the chance in Parliament to let New Zealanders know this chart was nothing more than an exciting expensive doodle but once again, she’s treated us like children.”

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