“The Government has shown once again how little it understands the pressures business is facing by signalling there will be more increases to the minimum wage,” says ACT’s Small Business spokesperson Chris Baillie.

“In answer to questions in Parliament from ACT Leader David Seymour about the rising cost of living, Finance Minister Grant Robertson said he looked forward to the “support for any upcoming minimum wage increases.”

“Instead of heaping more costs onto business when costs are skyrocketing, Robertson should start looking at his Government's policies that are causing the rises.

“Wages can’t improve if businesses can’t make a profit. The Labour Government has continually introduced legislation that makes it harder to be profitable, and in many cases to just stay in business. Whether it’s minimum wage increases, compulsory unionism by stealth, more sick leave or another statutory holiday.

“The Government needs to stop pandering to the unions, reassess its agenda, and think of the New Zealand public. If business is doing well, the whole country will do well.

“ACT would put a moratorium on minimum wage increases. It’s simply unaffordable and businesses need certainty now more than ever.”