“The incompetence of the Labour Government was clear for all to see this evening on 1News with the appointment of someone to a critical role without even checking his CV,” says ACT’s Deputy Leader Brooke van Velden. 

“There is nothing more important than the protection of vulnerable children. And yet Matthew Tukaki was appointed to a role at Oranga Tamariki without anyone checking his CV which appears to be embellished. 

“Minister Kelvin Davis’s response was the most shocking part of the story. Claiming that a CV was not even required and simply shrugging his shoulders when the allegations about Tukaki were put to him.

“Tukaki is a highly political person, acting as a commentator who praises the Labour Government and calls Opposition MPs names like “grubs” and “thugs.” His payoff for publicly endorsing Labour are plum jobs that he may not even be qualified for.

“Health Minister Andrew Little who recently appointed Tukaki as the Director of Suicide Prevention and Children’s Minister Kelvin Davis need to explain how he got these roles, whether they stand by his appointment and what steps they’re taking to ensure nothing like this happens again.”