“The ACT Party is calling on the Government to allow physiotherapy to resume under Auckland's three stages as a permitted activity,” says ACT Deputy Leader and Health spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“I have written to Chris Hipkins asking for the rules to be changed so people can get the help they need. Under the rules, retail therapy can go ahead before actual therapy resumes. That is not ok for the physiotherapists who have reached out to me wanting to provide care, or their patients who are in pain.

“It appears that disallowing physiotherapy until Stage 3 must be an oversight. Even though other medical professionals can currently see patients, physiotherapists are not considered an essential service and are unable to treat their patients until stage 3.

“I say it must be an oversight, because under Stage 1, outdoor yoga classes are permitted and under Stage 2, public pools and shopping malls can open, before physiotherapists can.

“Physiotherapy is more critical than yoga or retail therapy. As a yogi myself, it is not difficult to see how much more vital it is that people have rehabilitation post-surgery, and that their pinched nerves and injuries are seen to quickly for patient welfare and wellbeing.

“A person spoke to me yesterday about the excruciating pain he has dealt with for weeks from a pinched nerve. He is unable to sleep, but still needs to function through the pain to work during lockdown. He should be able to get the therapy he needs from his Physio.

“We need kindness and compassion from this Government, as well as common sense.”


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