The ACT Party says the Government’s road map to nowhere for Auckland risks the welfare of vulnerable communities and children.

“If the Green Party wants to help vulnerable communities the first thing it should do is ask what is in their best interests,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Vulnerable New Zealanders are often renting a crowded house. They are not in spacious and comfortable housing that is earning capital gains as they’re locked up inside.

“These are people who have to physically go out and work to earn every dollar. They’re not sitting at home doing a white-collar job in their Barkers pants in between learning how to make sourdough.

“They are people who need knowledge from a public education system because they often don’t have education levels required to effectively home-school their kids.

“It’s no wonder the Greens got 11.3 per cent in wealthy areas and only 2.7 per cent in the most deprived areas, according to Curia’s latest poll. The Green Party just don’t get reality for the people it pretends to support.

“The Greens might want to hold vulnerable families back, but ACT says they should be able to go to work and educate their children.”

ACT’s Covid 3.0 plan can be found here.

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