“Comments this morning from Building and Construction Minister Poto Williams that the Government is considering limiting wood exports to keep construction materials from going offshore, will send a shiver down the spine of many businesses,” says ACT’s Trade spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“Why would you invest in your business, if the Government could step in and make huge decisions on how you operate it, including limiting your export market? 

“Timber today, farming tomorrow?

“New Zealand also has a shortage of builders to build the homes we need. Is the Government's solution to a builder shortage to stop builders leaving New Zealand at the border? 

“There is an issue with timber supply in New Zealand. The Government should be asking the question, "how do we create an environment for investment?" rather than seeming hostile to large sectors of the economy. 

“Timber is expensive because it is difficult to develop milling capacity. Houses are expensive because it's difficult to build homes. 

“The Government is overstepping the mark here and it needs to rein itself in before it does even more damage to business confidence.”