"A new survey commissioned by Patient Voice Aotearoa shows the Labour Government must provide New Zealanders better access to the care and medicines they need to live a healthy life," says Brooke van Velden, ACT Deputy Leader and Health Spokesperson.

"Almost 1 in 2 New Zealanders believe access to modern medicines is worse compared with other developed countries, and nearly half of New Zealanders are not confident they, or someone they know, could access the best medicine if diagnosed with a disease or condition.

“Many New Zealanders' lives depend on certain drugs being funded.

“ACT was the first party to call for a review into PHARMAC. Both Labour and National agreed they would follow through while under pressure during an election debate.

"Unfortunately, the Government chose to exclude funding, the most critical issue, from its review.

“This survey shows a lack of faith in our access to medicines and why New Zealanders deserve this review to be done properly.

"Hopefully, it will spring the Health Minister into action.

“ACT revealed that the interim report into PHARMAC was a month overdue, and has not been publicly released.

"Questions from ACT show the Minister won’t place a date on when he’ll release the interim report.

"Patients who’ve made a submission in good faith are still in the dark about when this report will be made public. They deserve an update.

"Given the draft report has been delayed, will the final report due in December be delayed too?

“The Minister needs to show some respect and compassion for New Zealanders wanting more access to medicines, and those concerned about PHARMAC, by ensuring this is not just a cynical election bribe."