“Megan Woods changed the heating formula for her Healthy Home Standards because she knew the Government’s own new builds weren’t going to meet the standard,” says ACT’s Housing spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“Cabinet papers show the Minister was advised that Kainga Ora new builds weren’t going to be able to hit the heating requirements for her Healthy Home Standards, soon afterwards the formula was changed so they fit the bill.

“I asked the Minister in Parliament how is it fair or acceptable that the private sector was forced to comply with her poorly developed heating standards at great costs, when the Minister can simply shift the goalposts for Kainga Ora’s own developments?

“She said the changes were made in response to private developer concerns, so why did it take years after the concerns were raised?

“These aren’t heathy homes standards, they’re double standards.

“Housing sector advocates, Government officials and the ACT Party all told the Government the heating tool was inaccurate and would lead to over-the-top regulations that were extortionate to implement. The result was always going to be higher rents and more red tape preventing houses from being built.

“Labour has forced millions in unnecessary costs onto landlords which are being passed onto tenants in a cost of living crisis.

“ACT believes in better, longer-lasting solutions. Attacks on landlords and private developers won’t put a roof over Kiwis’ heads.”