Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Government adopts ACT Member’s Bill

“ACT welcomes news this morning from the Government that it’s finally targeting the gangs and dangerous criminals, rather than law-abiding firearms users,” says ACT’s Justice Spokesperson Nicole McKee.

“Gang membership has increased by 2264 since 2017. Only two percent of that is 501 returnees from Australia. This is mostly a home grown issue. It’s about time the Government took some action.  

“The Government has effectively taken my Member’s Bill, which was also ACT Election Policy about hitting the gangs where it hurts, in their pockets and claimed it as their own. This is good public policy and I applaud Labour for finally doing the right thing.

“Gang numbers have exploded under this soft on crime Government. With more gang members comes an increase in their confidence. As a result we’ve seen shootings in our communities, often in broad daylight. It’s only a matter of time before an innocent member of the public gets caught in the cross fire.

“Neither the Government’s new gun legislation, nor the buyback, has made a difference to the number of illegal firearms in circulation. Law abiding members of the firearms community have handed back their guns, but violent gang members were never going to.

“ACT will now take some time to read the Bill and the finer detail. But on the surface, this is a positive announcement.

“I give credit to the Government for starting to the turn the dial from targeting law abiding citizens, to finally targeting violent criminals and gangs.”