“The ACT Party has today launched a petition to give sanctuary to Ukrainian-Kiwi families,” says ACT Deputy Leader and Foreign Affairs spokesperson Brooke van Velden.

“ACT has spoken to Kiwi-Ukrainians who are watching with horror what’s happening to their homeland. These are people who have parents, brothers, sisters, partners and children caught in the conflict.

“The New Zealand Government has been far to slow too act. The only real things it’s done so far is send a tiny amount for some blankets.

“It’s time to step up. The world is uniting against Russian aggression to help the Ukrainian people. The question is what are we doing for our Ukrainian-Kiwi neighbours?

“The Government should allow Kiwi-Ukrainians to bring their immediate family to New Zealand as soon as possible.

“ACT has launched a petition calling on the Government to do that. It’s a simple thing the Government could do quickly to show solidarity to Kiwi-Ukrainians.

“It’s time for the Government to step up on the Ukraine conflict and show the world where our loyalties lie.”

Sign the petition here.

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