“ACT is today launching a new tax incentive policy that would see fully vaccinated New Zealanders receive a $250 tax credit,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“I hear every day from people who say ‘I’ve done my bit, followed the rules, paid my tax, and got my vax. When do I get a break?’

“Vax Bucks will reward New Zealanders for doing the right thing and following the rules. If you’ve had the vax and paid your tax, you deserve some relief.

“The policy brings together three basic facts of life in New Zealand right now. One, we need all people vaxed. Two, people getting vaxed saves the taxpayer by staying out of hospital. Three, the Government just raised $13 billion more tax than the previous year.

“This policy would reduce Government revenue by $1 billion and those eligible for the tax credit will need to be fully vaccinated by 1 December.

“When you file your tax return next year, proof of vaccination by My COVID Record will qualify you for a $250 vaccination tax credit. However, you can also redeem it at any time, even on the day of your second vaccination, to receive an additional $250 cash payment. If you redeem it early, your vaccination record no longer qualifies you to get the credit when filing.

“It would be a well-deserved boost for Kiwis who work hard and have done the right thing just before Christmas. The tax credit is a week’s worth of groceries, a couple of tanks of petrol or Christmas presents for the kids.

“New Zealanders pay far too much tax. Finance Minister Grant Robertson, aka Grabby Grant, set a record in the past year for the highest tax take ever, $97 billion – $13 billion more than the previous record.

“The Government uses tax on tobacco and alcohol to cover healthcare for related diseases. Being fully vaccinated reduces pressure on our health system so people should be rewarded for reducing pressure on ICUs.

“The Government needs to get more creative with its thinking. It’s happy to spend the COVID fund on cameras on fishing boats and a business case for the replacement of Te Papa's Spirit Collection Area. It’s happy to tax, tax, tax – but never considers giving you back your money.

“ACT will be here to make constructive criticisms where necessary and helpful suggestions where possible, while asking the questions New Zealanders need answered.”