Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Further revelations show why Mallard should go

“The fact that further proceedings are underway in relation to the man Trevor Mallard was alleged to have defamed shows how unfit Mr Mallard is to be Parliament’s Speaker,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“How can a guy who behaves so poorly be the leading figure upholding democracy in New Zealand?

“Mr Mallard talks about protecting people who work in Parliament but the only person he’s protecting is himself.

“Why does Jacinda Ardern keep protecting him?

“That she won’t hold Trevor Mallard accountable for his appalling behaviour has left a stench hanging around her Government.

“Would it be acceptable to Jacinda Ardern if any of her Ministers made the sort of 'mistake' Trevor Mallard did?

“It’s hard to believe a Minister wouldn’t lose their job or at least be demoted for such grave behaviour.

“Jacinda Ardern, as the person who secured Trevor Mallard the Speaker’s job, needs to explain why, beyond being humiliated, he goes unpunished; and how Parliamentary staff can feel safe from him making similar ‘mistakes’ in the future.”