“The first step towards a car tax that punishes tradies and farmers comes into effect today,” says ACT’s Transport spokesperson Simon Court.

“From today, the Government will subsidise brand new electric vehicles for people who can already afford them.

“This is step one before they impose a tax on utes and other large vehicles.

“This policy does nothing but punish people who need large vehicles for work or their families.

“Labour might not know this, but you can’t shift hay bales with a Nissan Leaf.

“We should not be taxing tradies to subsidise Tesla.  

“It’s not up to Government to dictate to us who should and shouldn’t be allowed to drive what vehicles. This is nanny state behaviour.

“The feebate scheme targets tradies, large families and farmers who face an extra tax to fund Teslas for wealthier car buyers.

ACT’s petition against this tax has attracted more than 20,000 signatures.”