“Kris Faafoi needs to urgently clarify the comments he made on Newstalk ZB this evening about parents being unable to deny their children hormone blockers,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“In an interview that can only be described as a train wreck, Faafoi said it’s not ok for parents to tell pre-pubescent children they can’t go on hormone blockers if they want to change their gender.

“He was asked repeatedly to clarify whether this was correct and wouldn’t give a clear answer.

“This sort of confusion only undermines the Bill and will leave parents feeling terrified that they won’t be able to parent.

“This is yet another interview that has demonstrated Jacinda Ardern’s cabinet is not up to the job. Even Jacinda Ardern shook her head when asked about Faafoi’s interview with Newshub Nation about Hate Speech Laws. And Poto Williams had a shocker on Newstalk ZB last week when she refused to back the Police.

“This is a Cabinet with a serious skills shortage.

“The terrifying thing is, these people are making laws that affect our every day lives.

“Faafoi needs to immediately clarify whether parents will be prosecuted if they decide against giving children hormone blockers. Jacinda Ardern should be seriously questioning whether he’s up to the job.”

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