ACT welcomes the passage of enabling legislation for New Zealand’s free trade agreement with the European Union.

The elimination of tariffs on exported products like kiwifruit, apples, Mānuka honey, onions, wine and seafood is fantastic for those sectors. As a part of the new coalition government, we’ve worked to speed up the process of ratifying the deal to ensure our fresh produce growers can benefit from greater access to the EU market in the current season.

It’s not just exporters who benefit. Kiwi consumers will enjoy lower prices with local tariffs removed on European products, from French shoes to German kitchen appliances.

ACT acknowledges that many dairy, beef, and lamb producers would have liked to see greater quota access to the EU market, and have raised concerns about the administration and enforcement of geographical indications. Our trade deal with the UK remains a benchmark for future agreements, with its complete phase-out of tariffs and some quotas for those sectors.

ACT is a proud believer in New Zealand’s status as a trading nation. We understand that when barriers to trade are broken down, consumers on both sides win, and communities prosper. As a nation we ought to promote these values unapologetically, especially as we undertake negotiations on our next major trade deal with India.

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