“Megan Woods has been Energy Minister for almost six years, but she still hasn’t figured out that the Government owns majority shares in electricity generators. This is the sort of incompetence New Zealand taxpayers have been shelling out for over the past six years,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Is it any wonder everything is falling to bits when Ministers are this incompetent? Megan Woods told Newstalk ZB this morning, while trying and failing to explain how the Blackrock deal works, “The fact of the matter is in terms of generation, the Government doesn’t own generation in New Zealand, it is all owned by private capital…”

“This will be news to the likes of Genesis and Meridian, whom the Government is the majority shareholder for.

“Woods’ incompetence adds to the concern that she’s actually just signed New Zealand up to a giant virtue-signalling experiment with Blackrock. She went out of her way to brag about it being a ‘world first’ but she doesn’t seem to understand what the world first even is.

“New Zealanders have had enough. Labour’s time in office has been punctuated by Ministers out of their depth, dreaming up ways to spend your money and make new rules without understanding the consequences. It’s time for a government focussed on viable solutions, not announcements and PR.

“Times up for this Government, if a Minister can’t learn the basics in six years they don’t deserve another go. In 66 days New Zealanders need to vote for Real Change.”

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