“The problems with the Workforce Development Councils are far more serious than the money wasting efforts of one lobster-gobbling CEO,” said ACT Leader David Seymour. “As bad as that is, the real question is what do these organisations do for the $65 million of taxpayers money each year?”

“The answer of course – as it is for so many of government organisations – is nothing, and they should be scrapped.
“Workforce Development Councils (WDCs) were intended to be industry-governed bodies which made sure that vocational education met the needs of industry. They were also meant to give a stronger voice to Māori business and iwi development.
“Instead of being "industry-led" they ended up being co-governed organisations with Ministerial appointees. They deliver no tangible value for $65 million a year.
“According to their own website, Workforce Development Councils (WDCs) are ‘Committed to reimagining vocational education through leading and building a vocational education system that honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi and supports Māori Crown relations to meet the needs of Māori, iwi and hapū industry, businesses, learners and their whānau to fill present and future talent needs.’ In other words, there is no meaningful or measurable outcome.
“ACT would simply expect educators to listen to their community, like any decent person would do. New Zealand doesn’t need and can’t afford ‘tame’ businesses hand-picked by Labour Ministers to represent business in yet more expensive consultation.
“Every dollar of taxpayers’ money that’s wasted is a dollar that can’t be used to provide essential public services or reduce the tax burden. $65 million a year is enough to fund around 860 to 1,300 early childhood education teachers – imagine the benefit that could bring, compared to wasting it on a handful of faceless bureaucrats.
“ACT in government will relentlessly seek out and eliminate wasteful spending from government, returning the money saved to taxpayers in the form of tax cuts and improved essential services.”

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