“MaramaDavidson should apologise to the victims of family and sexual violence fortrying to score cheap political points from their trauma”, says ACT MP KarenChhour.

“Todayin Parliament, Davidson repeatedly refused to apologise. It was clear to methat she sincerely believes her original comments that “white cis men” areresponsible for all violence.

“Sucha wildly inaccurate statement is offensive to victims. Marama Davidson has madea mockery of a serious issue.

“Thevictims of family and sexual violence need to have confidence that MaramaDavidson is fit to be their Minister. But she’s got basic facts wrong and isprepared to make racist and sexist comments for political gain.

“Weheard nothing from Marama Davidson about the spike in family violence duringCyclone Gabrielle. She’s delivered nothing of substance as a Minister, just aworking group and a strategy. When we do hear from her, it’s to make offensiveand incorrect statements.

“That’snot the kind of behaviour New Zealanders expect from Ministers who earn$250,000 a year.

“IfMarama Davidson can apologise to the Prime Minister, she can also apologise tothe victims of family and sexual violence for politicising this issue.

“If she can’t do that, she should resign and let someone who doesn’t usethe trauma of victims of family and sexual violence for political gain takeover as Minister.”

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