“Criminals must be laughing at the Government’s attempts to explain away their crimes by blaming ‘neoliberalism and white supremacy’”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Crime is out of control because criminals know Labour and Poto Williams are more focused on being woke and doing identity politics than catching the bad guys.

“Late last week, Williams applauded a Police report that said “imperialism has instilled a legacy of eurocentrism, neoliberalism and white supremacy” in the justice system. Back on Planet Earth, how will that research reduce the number of victims in our communities?

“Williams supports a Police Commissioner who said Police have “killed 60 people through police pursuits”. Meanwhile, frontline cops are incensed with that claim and say they joined the Police to chase criminals not let them get away.

“Labour is also overseeing Te Pae Oranga, a programme which allows offenders to avoid prosecution, because it strengthens the Government’s “commitment to the Māori Crown Relationship”. Well, when will Labour strengthen its commitment to the victims of crime?

“Worse, in the middle of a crimewave, Labour is repealing Three Strikes, which keeps the worst 1% of sexual and violent offenders out of our communities. What kind of message does that send?

“Instead of catching criminals and making our communities safer, Poto Williams and Labour are focused on practicing identity politics and being woke to pander to fringe left-wing groups.

“The Police Minister has bristled at being called soft on crime because ‘it’s a very gendered statement’. Instead of taking offence at the criticism, she should work on addressing a concern most Kiwis agree with.

“The Government needs to start governing for all New Zealanders, in particular the victims of crime. We deserve much better.”

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