“ACT can reveal that the Government has spent $58 million on contact tracing since May, despite the fact nobody is being traced,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Fifty eight million dollars would fund 191 cystic fibrosis patients with Trikafta for a year, 412,000 mental health counselling sessions, and is 58 times more than what Hospice NZ needs - but this Government seems to think it is better off spent on a service that's of no use.

“ACT says that any COVID restrictions or services that aren’t protecting our health system in any tangible way should just go. They’re a needless expense at a time when reckless Government spending is fuelling out of control domestic inflation.

“As the virus evolves and changes, our response should too. The Government claims the money is going towards “the provision of testing and isolation advice to both cases and household contacts.” How on earth this could cost $58 million across five months is unfathomable.

“We seem to be stuck with redundant policies that were designed for a different variant and exist only as a financial burden.

“Getting rid of contact tracing would save taxpayers millions and is an important symbol that we’re moving on and getting our way of life back. It should be done immediately.”

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