“The smorgasbord of micro-interventions demanded by the Commission – from cycleway projects to restricting gas stoves – reads like an attempt to distract elected officials from the most effective tool we have to manage emissions: the ETS.”

“Meanwhile the Commission continues to ignore the difference between methane from farms and other types of emissions. They seem to have missed the memo: a split-gas target is set in stone in ACT’s coalition agreement with National.”

“Behaviour like this is exactly why ACT called for the scrapping of the Commission in our Alternative Budget. It’s costly taxpayer-funded lobbying and it needs to stop.”

“There is no credible pathway to meet emissions targets set by the previous Government without destroying industries and the communities who rely on them.”

“ACT continues to promote scrapping Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw’s emissions targets, and promotes simple measures centred around the ETS to minimise climate costs for families and businesses.”

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