“The Auckland Council’s “climate levy” is costly greenwashing when the Council should be focusing on getting homes built and keeping the sewage off the beach,” says ACT’s Climate Change spokesperson Simon Court.

“This is just a way for Mayor Phil Goff to raise rates above the promised 3.5 per cent, by giving part of the increase another name.

“Inflation is at 4.9 per cent, Aucklanders pay an additional fuel tax, the ETS is putting up the price of petrol further and that’s before you mention the cost of housing in our largest city.

“Now Goff wants to hit Aucklanders in the wallet even harder.

“If people don't choose to take the bus, walk and cycle, plant trees, there's no point taking more money for try to force them into it.

“Any emissions reductions will simply free up credits under the ETS to be used in other ways, leaving emissions the same.

“All of this avoids the real infrastructure and environment problems from failing sewers which stop more homes getting built.

“The Council has suffered massive losses from parking and other revenues due to extended COVID lockdowns. A new tax disguised as a climate levy is not the answer.

“If the Council needs more money to finance infrastructure it should be honest about its intentions.”

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