Friday, 13 May 2022

Bus ban needed in Tauranga

ACT’s Tauranga candidate Cameron Luxton has this morning called for kids who cause trouble at the Tauranga bus stop to be banned from the bus for a month.

“Youth crime at Tauranga’s Willow St bus stop is out of control. There have been assaults, racial abuse and death threats from school kids. Some drivers are even boycotting some stops to avoid violence,” says Mr Luxton. 

“We can’t let this continue. Today ACT Leader David Seymour and I visited the bus stop and called for the council to ban anyone who displays this behaviour from taking the bus for a month. 

“The Ministry of Education also needs to step up. It has employed 1300 new bureaucrats since 2017 – but when there are groups of 20 kids in school uniform congregating at the bus stop in the middle of the day there are no truancy officers available. 

“Education Minister Chris Hipkins needs to priorities putting resources where they matter. Truancy is out of control in this country, truancy officers would add far more value than a paper pusher in Wellington. 

“We need a practical approach to this issue that is disrupting businesses and intimidating bus drivers. Every member of our community deserves to feel safe on our streets. It’s time for the council and the Ministry to do its job and restore order so we have a safe and thriving community.”