The fact that Aucklanders can pop out for a Botox top up but can’t go to the hairdresser sums up everything that is wrong with the Government’s COVID rules,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The Government is just making it up as it goes along. Aucklanders want certainty and consistency. At the very least, it should tell Auckland and the Waikato when, in principle, they will move to Alert Level 3, Step 3.

“Inconsistencies like these infuriate business owners who carry out other kinds of beauty therapy and frustrate those who just want their roots done. 

“If Botox can be delivered safely, there’s no reason why hair can’t be cut safely too. Botox treatment is in your face, whereas hairdressers mainly stand behind or beside their clients.

“Amazingly, Auckland now has underground, bootleg haircutting. When I visited Auckland last week I heard stories of desperately broke tending to the desperately shaggy from their homes. From a public health perspective, it would be smarter to let this happen safely in salons. 

“Hairdressers in Auckland and Hamilton could safely raise the mood of those depressed cities one cut and one colour at a time. The Government won’t let them, though, or even say when they might.

“The Government needs to show some common sense. Auckland should be at Level 3, Step 3 now, or at the very least be told when it will happen in principle. Aucklanders have been through enough, it’s time to safely let them have haircuts and limited gatherings.”