Labour’s resource management regime has been scrapped before Christmas, as promised in ACT’s coalition agreement.

“Labour were never going to fix planning bureaucracy by replacing 909 pages of legislation with 1003 pages,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT has always said Labour’s Natural and Built Environments Bill is just the RMA in drag with an extra splash of co-governance. It would have seen unelected bureaucrats and iwi writing the rules on how you can and can’t use your own land – and with no input from the landowners and developers actually trying to get stuff done, that was a recipe for more costs and less affordable homes.”

“ACT’s coalition agreement secures a commitment to replace the creaky old Resource Management Act with a new regime premised on the enjoyment of property rights as a guiding principle.”

“With the appointment of Simon Court as Under-Secretary for RMA Reform and Infrastructure, we’ll be working with Chris Bishop and Simeon Brown to enable people to develop their property, and to give councils the incentives and resources needed to deliver infrastructure. That’s how we get back to building like the boomers did.”

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