“Australians are being treated like adults by their Government and are achieving better COVID-19 results”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“The New Zealand Government should be looking to Australia’s common sense COVID-19 rules as a way to fight the virus while keeping the economy going.

“Australia appears to be having its cake and eating it too, as it gets achieves better COVID-19 health outcomes than New Zealand with fewer restrictions on economic activity.

Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy is appearing before the Epidemic Response Committee this morning.

“Professor Murphy told the Committee that Australia has taken a different approach to COVID-19, encouraging people to work from home, but allowing businesses to operate with common sense rules such as one person per four square metres.

“ACT has consistently advocated for a ‘safety’ approach rather than an ‘essential’ one.

“Australia is showing that, rather than politicians and bureaucrats dictating what is essential for people, it’s better to focus on what activities can be done safely.

“The Australian Government has treated its citizens like adults while New Zealanders are being infantilised.

“I hope that our Government will look to the Australian experience.

“The next step in our COVID-19 response should be for the Government to give clear and early guidance to businesses about Alert Level changes and what will be allowed at each step.”