“Jacinda Ardern would be extraordinarily naive to visit protestors illegally occupying private land at Ihumātao”, ACT Leader David Seymour says.

Newshub reported today that the Prime Minister will 'absolutely' visit Ihumātao.

“Jacinda Ardern's initial intervention was a serious mistake, but to promise to personally visit the protestors at Ihumātao is naive.

“Her involvement has emboldened the protesters which is why we saw them march on her electorate office. A prime ministerial visit will only provide them with further legitimacy.

“It is extraordinary that Jacinda Ardern has taken the side of illegal occupiers over the legal owners of the property.

“The Prime Minister is undermining the Treaty settlement process and the entire system of property rights upon which our prosperity is founded.

“This Government has legislated away the rights of licensed firearm owners and the oil and gas industry without consultation and without those groups having done anything wrong. But the Prime Minister is willing to consult and provide a seat at the table to a ragtag group of protestors illegally occupying private property.

“When will Jacinda Ardern’s philosophy of kindness and inclusion extend to New Zealanders who own property and follow the law?”