Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and ACT Leader David Seymour have joined together in the spirit of Christmas to raise money for The Prostate Cancer Foundation.

“Jacinda and I spoke last night at the annual press gallery party about the now infamous comment of her calling me an “arrogant prick,” says Mr Seymour.

“We managed to have a laugh about it hatched a plan to raise some money for a good cause.

“Today we each signed a printout of the Hansard (the official parliamentary record) and we will auction it to raise money for prostate cancer. The funds will go towards raising money for pricks everywhere.

“The beauty of this fundraiser it can appeal to anyone. People who dislike me, people who like me, people who dislike Jacinda and people who like her but most importantly people who hate prostate cancer.

“We’ve even had the copy framed, and that brought another good omen. When I went to Briscoes to buy the frame, it was on sale.

“The item will be listed on TradeMe this afternoon and I hope people will bid generously and often for a great cause.”

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