“Acting PM Carmel Sepuloni’s comedy routine in Parliament today was a depressing reminder of just how much money this Government has spent and how little it has achieved with it. But at least she proved social mobility is improving in New Zealand - it really seems anyone can be PM for a day”, says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Challenged on multiple occasions to name one area where more spending has delivered better outcomes for everyday New Zealanders, all the Acting Prime Minister could do was return to her pre-prepared script detailing all the various ways Labour has wasted taxpayer money.

“Given one last chance to explain what that money had achieved, she chose to highlight Labour’s record on housing and that beneficiaries were getting more money.

“Why she would choose housing, a continuing crisis for people who are renting and trying to buy a house, is unclear.

“Since the Government came to office, spending per person on:

  • Education has risen 8.4 per cent faster than inflation
  • Law and order has risen 17.1 per cent faster than inflation
  • Health has risen 34.8 per cent faster than inflation.

“The public service grew by 33 per cent, or 15,458 people, from 2017 to 2023. Have any key metrics improved? Are we safer? Are more children going to school and getting better results?

“It would be a damning indictment on Labour if after six years and growing government spending to $137 billion a year that it could only point to a continuing housing crisis and more handouts for beneficiaries.

“New Zealanders need to fire Labour and vote for real change on 14 October.”

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