“This week Three Waters joined a long list of Labour policies that have been re-branded, kicked for touch, or outright scrapped. Nothing sums up Labour’s incompetence more than all of their failed policies,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“No wonder things are tight for households up and down New Zealand. Labour lurches from one expensive policy mishap to another:

  • Three Waters? Re-branded in a shallow attempt to nullify criticisms
  • Kiwibuild? A flagship policy ditched after failing spectacularly
  • RNZ/TVNZ merger? Scrapped because they couldn’t even explain what the point was
  • Hate Speech laws? Kicked for touch until after the election
  • Immigration reset: Tried to re-brand it to an ‘Immigration re-balance’. But eventually just scrapped it
  • Auckland cycle bridge: Cancelled after over $50 million already spent
  • Clean Car Upgrade? Gone completely, with the Clean Car Standard somehow escaping the firing line so far
  • Speed limit reductions: Gone, not before driving Kiwis mad by implementing the policy on over 10,000km of roads
  • Container deposit scheme: Gone
  • Income Insurance? Pushed aside until next term
  • Alcohol law reform: Gone
  • Dependant contractor reform? Gone
  • Biofuels mandate? Gone
  • Social car leasing scheme? Another transport scheme on the scrapheap.

“This shows how hare brained Labour’s failed and disgraced policies really are. None of their policies were necessary, they admit as much themselves.

“Kiwis’ taxes have been paying for this incompetence. Poorly thought-out policies that either don’t come to fruition or fail to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

“The problems that existed when Labour took office, like housing and poverty, either haven’t been addressed or have gotten worse. Meanwhile, a whole new list of crises has been created, cost of living, law and order, healthcare, education. Kiwis are seeing the results of five years of illogical policies and non-existent problem solving.

“ACT has policy based in reality that provides solutions to real problems. We’ve got extensive policy to address the cost of living crisis and provide tax relief to New Zealanders, to get kids back in school, to get more workers in the country, to make it easier for Kiwis to use their land, to create more infrastructure and more.”

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