“New Zealand desperately needs more foreign investment and ACT would welcome Public Private Partners, but we can’t follow the lead of pacific nations who have accepted investment from China, only to find they’re now in serious debt to a communist regime flexing its muscles.

“ACT’s Transport policy would follow the principles of our policy to remove barriers to foreign direct investment. This allows streamlined investment from friendly OECD countries, but we won't allow foreign investment when there is a national security interest at stake.

“Any investment coming from outside OECD countries will be put under a much harsher spotlight. As a small island nation with ambitions for world-leading infrastructure, we need to welcome foreign investment, but not at the cost of being bullied or cowed by a bigger nation looking to gain leverage.  

“ACT’s policy puts checks and balances in place, we can’t just close our eyes and hope the CCP don’t take the opportunity to gain a foothold in New Zealand.

“ACT is ambitious for New Zealand, we aspire towards a modern, thriving economy with world class infrastructure. With ACT’s policies the next ACT/National can achieve that.”

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