“The Ministry for Pacific Peoples spending $121,000 in one year on Prezzy Cards is more evidence that Ministers in the next Government will need to demand chief executives stop wasting money on day one,” says ACT leader David Seymour.

“The Ministry’s 2021/22 annual review shows it spent $121,000 on Prezzy Cards for various individuals and groups in the Pacific community.

“The real scandal is that the Ministry continues to exist despite having no outputs except gross expenditure and it would be gone under ACT.

“In its annual report, it boasts nothing more as its achievements than a few strategies and action plans, as well as “supporting the Government in delivering the official apology for the Dawn Raids,” which turned out to be nothing more than a self-indulgent farce.

“The Ministry spent $39,262 on a farewell for its former Chief Executive and then the Ministry for Culture and Heritage spent $7,558.70 on his welcome, including $2,000 on “cultural expertise” for a pōwhiri, $1,550 on a cultural advisor, and $458.70 on flowers.

“The Ministry for Pacific Peoples staffing ballooned from 34 FTEs in 2016/17 to 128 in 2021/22. The Ministry spent the second most per FTE on catering of any Ministry in 2020/21, spending over $1,400 per staff member.

“Pacific communities in New Zealand have thriving cultures, and are more than capable of sustaining their cultures and languages without a dedicated Government Ministry. The Ministry is unable to point to any achievements other than successfully spending its $30.6 million budget. Under ACT, the Ministry for Pacific Peoples would be gone.”

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