“ACT will ensure the children of gang members are less likely to suffer neglect by requiring gang members who receive a benefit to undergo Electronic Income Management,” says ACT’s Social Development spokesperson Karen Chhour.

According to the Ministry of Social Development, a high proportion of gang members’ children experience multiple incidents of abuse or neglect.

“The children affected by gang criminality are not at fault and deserve support. This policy tips the balance towards the child and away from crime.

“Gang members would receive their benefit in the form of an electronic card that would track and restrict spending on alcohol, gambling, and tobacco.

“The money provided by taxpayers will need to go towards food and other essentials.

“Gangs peddle misery through our community and in their own households. Almost half of the serious offences committed by gang members are family violence related.

“At the end of the day, the Government’s “kindness” approach has led to an explosion in gang numbers which has perpetuated cycles of misery. We need a new approach.

“Gang numbers have increased by 50 percent since Labour took power. Its soft on crime approach only encourages this.

“ACT would introduce electronic income management alongside Gang Injunction Orders, support for police resourcing, and sensible reform of our corrections system to crack down on gangs.

“Ensuring there is a standard for responsibility with the benefit provided by hardworking taxpayers and removing substances that fuel harm in these families is just common sense and will help support some of the most vulnerable victims of gang crime.”

Our Honest Conversations Law and Order document can be found here.