“People like to think New Zealand is a first world country, but a health system under immense pressure and now doctors going on strike certainly doesn’t back that impression up,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“ACT would support our health professionals by giving them a substantial income tax cut paid for by reducing wasteful spending. It’s affordable and it’s the right thing to do.

“New Zealand doctors are the latest victim of the wage-price spiral created by Labour spraying money in every direction. Strike action at a time when New Zealand’s health system is already under immense pressure is the price Kiwis are paying for Labour’s wasteful spending.

“One by one, all of New Zealand’s frontline workers are asking for more money. As the price of everything has increased in New Zealand wages are desperately trying to keep up.

“When you can’t get an appointment in coming months, don’t blame the doctor, blame Grant Robertson. Over six Budgets he has increased taxes by $43 billion, annual spending by $50 billion, and borrowed a net $121 billion. That’s why inflation is sky high, that’s why doctors are asking for more money.

“In the health portfolio alone Labour has increased spending by 68 per cent in five years. In return, all New Zealanders have received is longer waiting times and racial discrimination across a system that is reported to be in a state of collapse.

“The Government’s focus for health needs to single-mindedly be on improving access for all New Zealanders, which will ultimately be determined by a strong frontline service, not an enormous backroom bureaucracy. ACT will bring that focus to the next Government.

“ACT’s alternative budget would get inflation under control by cutting wasteful spending by $35 billion over four years, while investing in frontline services like general practices and teaching.

“We would let Kiwis keep more of their money with a two-rate tax system – 17.5 and 28 per cent. Under ACT’s simple two-tier tax structure, with a carbon tax refund and lower income offset, everyone will be better off.

For example:

  • A couple with two kids earning the average household income ($110,451) will be $1,540 a year better off
  • If the parents work in the health sector, one a GP, one a nurse, they could be $3,490 better off.

“The stakes couldn’t be higher this election. New Zealand can’t afford to keep sliding away from first world status in health. A change of Government alone won’t do it, we need a Government of real change.”

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